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      YIHE ELECTRONICS (GUANGZHOU) CO.,LTD .acts as sales agent of various imported high quality plug-ins and has been operating various connectors and plug-ins for 20 years, mainly providing professional high quality service to communication, military, aerospace and home appliance industry. such as  EAO、ERNI、intercontec、JST 【more】

ERNI offers the industry's most complete line of cable shell, strain relief, and component-oriented products. These apply to DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 connector family accessories, including all common connector types, such as: B, C, D, F, H, Q, R, and half-length size. Cable back in the shell or both sides of the outlet, but with wires, sheathed cable and flat cable strain relief. Guide elemeant can be a key or screw locks, including the edge of the card, back panel, rear panel and other 19-inch European-style clamp frame assembly applications.
According to DIN 41 652 and MIL C-24308 standards, ERNI for the D-type connector provides three different connector housing: KSG 200, with a fully insulated within the shielded enclosure; KSG 185, with a snap and screw locks and integration Coding case; KSG 183, with a snap enclosure. These three are two-piece shell design will be in the assembly before the male and female connectors for wiring. KSG 185 can lock the two half-shell with a snap, and screw anti-vibration device. KSG 183 and KSG 185 of the two halves of the connector housing, tighten the terminal screws are available after. KSG 185 available with the M3 and # 4 / 40 NC-2 A threaded screw lock device.
LDG-A mini-enclosure can be quickly and easily installed in the standard of European rail or screw assembly. These non-metallic enclosures are suitable for electrical, electronic and electrical devices such as sensors, controllers, power supplies, monitors, timers, and other small electronic components. Standard depth of 75 mm shell (about 3 inches), height of about 100 mm (4 inches), width from 22.5 mm (about 1 inch) to 224.7 mm (about 9 inches). ERNI has a simple hasp enclosure cover and pre-installed terminal blocks, which can accommodate from 12 to connect to up to 70 connections. And with selective loading, pluggable termination, in particular, color and other special options, and can be customized. All electrical enclosures are in line with international standards including UL and CSA.
ERNI Systems - Connectors Daquan The connector technology, we developed a series of customized solutions: Backplane Sub-frame Cable assembly The series can be used ERNI design and support center resources, and highly automated manufacturing process and effective testing technical support.
IDG-A enclosure management device designed for the modern home, for measuring relays, modular time converters, lighting, automated translation unit and the dispersion range of applications. A new slimline shell can be easily assembled through the buckle to the DIN rail, the assembly of the width of only 17.5 mm. The buckle design allows the entire circuit board assembly and welding (including pins and devices) is relatively easy. Only need to put away the board, fastened to the bottom and top of the device into. Cable termination and termination methods are pluggable screw termination. Can be two or three smaller circuit board mounted vertically in a large circuit board. The circuit board can be installed vertically those who need the extra height of the device (such as transformers, relays, etc.). Hinged transparent cover can be easily adjusted and protection of any converter or signal device.